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The coat of arms


The coat of arms has been a tradition and a symbol of status in Europe since the medieval times. The design is unique to every individual and is meant to represent the achievements of the person, state or even corporation. Ziemelis coat of arms is the first one in the family. It represents financial wealth and bravery and magnanimity. The horns of the bull symbolises strength and fortitude. This coat of arms was designed to mark a meaningful tradition and wish the entire family to have courage, a can-do spirit and financial prosperity.

Coat of arms description: the centrepiece highlights a black bull with silver horns and hooves, standing in a golden field. There is a golden band in the lower black panel, and a pointed steel helmet with a black and gold cloak above the shield. The helmet ornament has two golden wings and a two-tone black and golden tie.

Validation: Gediminas Ziemelis family coat of arms was approved on 7th of May in 2019. It was registered in the LGHD register centre of Personal Coats of Arms, register no. 34.