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Real Estate

Up to 1 000 000 sq. m. of real estate managed in different projects.
A total of EUR 93 million worth of transactions in 2005-2014.

Zverynas lofts 
First loft project in the renowned district of Zverynas, Zverynas lofts consists of over 60 spacious apartments designed to suit the needs of modern city residents.

Smolensko business centre
10 000 sq. m. class B business centre with car parks (5 min. to the airport, 3 min. to the old town). 100% occupied by long-term lease contracts.

Puntukas business centre
12 000 sq. m. class B office building. 
Start of development: 2015 01 01, after moving the manufacturing to different facilities.

VA Reals
Real estate holding company, specializing in management of commercial, warehousing and manufacturing buildings.
Current portfolio: 20 000 sq. m. of leased land plot, 100% occupied by long-term lease contracts.

Raigesta, UAB real estate complex consists of eight industrial – administrative buildings in Vilnius. The company owns and leases the premises to a number of third party tenants.