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Professional and Academic Activity


2020 – Delivered a speech at “Verslas 2021” conference. The topic: “Diversification in aviation: disadvantage = advantage.”

2020 – Gave a speech in South Korea at Muan County, during the official opening ceremony of Muan Aviation Complex.

2019 – Gave the keynote speech at the Air Convention Europe conference on “2019: How easy it is to raise money in aviation if the market is really overheated?”

2019 – Delivered the Arline Debt Market Overview at the Air Convention Bangkok conference.

2017 – Delivered a lecture at Kazimieras Simonavicius University on “Open European Airspace, Legal Regulation, and Market Trends.”

2017 – Gave a statement at the business conference “Business 2018” on “Only by Employing Foreigners Can We Expect Pay Raises for Lithuanians”

2017 – Delivered a presentation at the Lithuanian Employers Confederation congress. Topic: “Perspective of Lithuanian Economy: is it time to call urgent help?”

2017 – Delivered a presentation at the Alternative Investment Forum. Topic: “Aviation: The gates to a trillion USD investment opportunity in Asia.”

2016 – Delivered a presentation on a business management conference “Verslo Valdymas 2016”, organised by the leading business media outlet of Lithuania. Topic: “When your business horizons is the world or how to sell “cepelinai” abroad.”

2010 – Collaborated (co-authored) a corporate publication for aviation companies. The topic: “AviaAM: Aircraft Global Market 2009 -2028”.

2010 – Delivered a lecture to the CEOs of holding companies. The topic: “Company Goes Public, Raising Public Capital, Managing Obligations to Public Investors”.

2010 – Collaborated (co-authored) a feasibility study and financial model. The topic: “Startup Carrier in 3A Kazakhstan Hub System”.

2009 – Outlined the annual report for the Lithuanian and foreign employees of Avia Solutions Group’s group of companies.  The topic: “How has the Global Financial Crisis affected the Aviation Sector and what are the Major Challenges to Expect for 2010-2015?”

2008 – Collaborated (co-authored) a feasibility study and a strategic plan concerning airport management. The topic: “Ways to Implement a Commercially Functional Private Passenger Terminal at Vilnius International Airport”.

2008 – Took part as a speaker at the conference “Business Value after the Golden Age. What’s Next: Dark Horizons or Bright Periods?”, organised by newspaper “Verslo Zinios.” The topic: “Economic Cycles and Tendencies. What to expect? Why?”

2008 – Participated in a meeting with investors regarding the development of Agrowill Group AB. The topic: “What is Industrial Agriculture? What makes it an Attractive Investment Object and what are the Agrowill Group AB plans for 2008-2012?”

2008 – Delivered a speech at the annual conference “Breaking Point” (“Luzio Taskas”) organised by Baltijos Konferencijos. The topic: “The Best Ways for Vilnius to Become the Axis of Transit in the Baltic Region.”

2007 – Delivered a lecture to students at the Faculty of Business Management of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University whereby he shared his knowledge about the subtleties of doing business. The topic: “How did I Earn my First Million?”

2007 – Delivered a lecture at the annual meeting of OREM for its employees from across Lithuania. The topic: “Real Estate in the Eyes of a Professional Investor”.

2007 – Participated as a speaker at an international conference. The topic: “Is Real Estate in Turkey a Viable Investment Option?”

2007 – Took part as a guest speaker on a training program for employees in the travel and tourism sector. The topic: “Business and Leisure Travelling in the Eyes of an Executive. What are the Business Requirements for the Provider and its Employees?”

2005 – Presented a report to clients and the media, prepared by the credit management company “Zvilgsnis is Arciau” (currently known as Topic: “A Review of the Debt Market from 2001-2005”.

2004 – An address to the Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania: “Do Political Parties and Campaigns Receive Transparent Funding?” The presentation outlined analytical research conducted by the request of Transparency International, the non-governmental organisation formed to combat corruption in international development.

2004 – Conducted a training course for credit managers in Lithuania. The topic: “Credit Management when Dealing with Customers who Use Deferred Payment Options – Methods, Principles and Standards, Practical Application and Remarks”.