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The pharmaceutical holding “Pharnasanta Group” was established in 2017, in the Netherlands. At the moment, the pharmacy group consists of “NatiVita”, an international research and manufacturing company that produces innovative generic medicine, “Ilsanta”, a pharmaceutical company distributing medical devices and equipment, and a logistics company “NTV Logistics”.

NatiVita is an international research and manufacturing company developing and producing innovative pharmaceuticals including drugs for lung, breast, pancreas, ovarian, as well as other types of cancer. It is the first company of its kind in Belarus, conducting the production of monoclonal antibody-based biotech drugs and offering treatment solutions for cancer patients. Working hand-in-hand with leading research and development institutions in India, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, France and Spain, NatiVita has developed contemporary production process of biotech pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment, as well as other diseases and syndromes. Founded in 2012, NatiVita’s operations currently span over a modern R&D centre and state-of-the-art medicine manufacturing centre in Vitebsk, Belarus. Company’s partners include investment holding ZIA Valda, Natco Pharma and Invest Pharma.

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Ilsanta is a wholesale medical company, supplying a wide range of medical devices, medical equipment and disposables for hospitals and healthcare centres in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It was founded in 1993 and has offices in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn.

Ilsanta has a top-notch portfolio comprised of products from leading international brands. With a specialty in equipping hospitals with essentials, Ilsanta provides everything from disposables to equipment for operating theatres and intensive care units. Ilsanta also supplies customers with technologically advanced products and machines for interventional cardiology, heart surgery, neurology, and endoscopy. Ilsanta is committed to introducing and promoting the newest methods of treatment using minimally invasive medicine in cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, and heart surgery (implantation).

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