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Other Activity

sirdisThe foundation ‘Fundacja Mimo Wszystko’

The charitable Anna Dymna foundation ‘Against the Odds’ was established in 2003 in Krakow, Poland. It is focused on supporting severely ill and disabled people. Whilst arranging various conferences and gatherings promoting integration and social initiatives, the fund actively cooperates with non-governmental organizations, state and medical institutions.

Support for the ‘Full House Community’

The ‘Full House Community’ is a catholic association uniting believers. Its mission is to ensure that a person experiencing troubles in his/her life can find the serenity and faith within the community where one can be evangelized, released from addictions and prepared for a return to independent life or even to choose a path as a server of God.

Commendation for supporting the improvement of Lithuanian-Polish relations

The purpose of The Adomas Mickevicius Foundation for the Support of Lithuanian-Polish relations is to promote a positive relationship between Lithuania and Poland while developing and strengthening mutual cooperation. One of the objectives is to evaluate the issue of straining relations between the two nations through the prism of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which once unified the destiny of the nations. Gediminas Ziemelis, the general sponsor of the first Jerzy Giedroyc Dialogue and Cooperation Forum, assigned LTL 50,000. He continued active support and was a general sponsor of Jerzy Giedroyc award-giving ceremony in 2014 and thus financially contributed to the improvement of relations between Lithuania and Poland.