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Aviation Finance

AviaAM Leasing is a WSE (Warsaw Stock Exchange) listed global aviation holding company engaged in commercial aircraft acquisition, leasing and sales. Based on long-term expertise and business experience in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the CIS and other regions, the company focuses on midlife mainline narrow-body aircraft and regional jets.

AviaAM Leasing was rated as World’s #1 leasing company in the highest lease yield on portfolio rating by Airfinance Journal in 2013. It is the largest leasing company in Eastern Europe, maintaining strong relationships with market players from China, Russia, Europe and the USA. In 2016, AviaAM Leasing has engaged in partnership with Henan Civil Aviation Investment Company (HNCA) by forming a Joint Venture aircraft leasing company AviaAM Financial Leasing China. The company provides aircraft leasing, trading, management and consulting services as well as aims to acquire and manage a $1 billion fleet of narrow-body, regional aircraft by 2017.

AviaAM Leasing’s services include: 

Aircraft Leasing 
As a core service area of AviaAM Leasing, the company maintains a broad portfolio of mid-life mainline narrow-body and regional jets for airlines seeking the benefits afforded by an operating lease.

Aircraft Trading 
AviaAM Leasing, in close partnership with leading market players, is engaged in the purchase of mainline narrow-body and regional jets as part of its ongoing fleet development strategy.

AviaAM Leasing is committed to matching aircraft with your specifications in a professional and timely manner. AviaAM Leasing’s vision is to forge beneficial long-term customer relationships through outstanding service at every stage of the brokerage process.

The consultancy services of AviaAM Leasing are backed by years of experience, the pooling of industry expertise and through collaboration with leading market players and institutions. The company focuses its advisory on aircraft fleet structuring, asset financial planning, market research and assessment as well as solutions for aircraft insurance.

Asset Management 
AviaAM Leasing is aptly positioned to provide aircraft owners, financiers and investors with all asset services necessary to manage an aircraft portfolio.

Engine Leasing 
AviaAM Leasing has devised a comprehensive portfolio of spare engine solutions for Rolls-Royce, CFMI and Pratt & Whitney engines.